Article: “Are you being served?” (May 2006)


"According to Richard Ghiselli, an associate professor in Purdue University's Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management, a decline in customer service is not a new issue."I have data from the National Restaurant Association as far back as 1997 that identifies (customer) service as a problem," Ghiselli said. "At the time … 66 percent of the respondents indicated service was the reason most consumers complain.

"As for specifics, speed of service, inattentive waitstaff and bad attitude of staff were the biggest complaints."

…According to BusinessWeek magazine, a new study by Wharton School of Business and Verde Group shows that negative word of mouth can be even more destructive to retailers than originally thought.Of shoppers who experienced problems with a retailer, only 6 percent contacted the company, but 31 percent told friends and family. Each complainer told an average of 4.1 people about their negative experience."

source: "Are you being served?" by Max Showalter (Journal and Courier, May 10,2006)

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