Article: “For many, eating outside is in” (May 2006)

"The Central Ohio Restaurant Association doesn’t know how many restaurants offer alfresco dining, but Executive Director Gail Baker said outdoor meals are increasingly popular.

Indoor-smoking bans are one reason for more open-air dining areas, where smoking is allowed in some cases.

"Another reason is that people really do enjoy outdoor dining," Baker said. "Plus, . . . (restaurants) can add to the seating space in good weather, so that makes it popular to the restaurant owner, who can increase sales."

…Outdoor dining is important for Downtown as well as the city’s neighborhoods, he said.

"It plays a very important part in the perceived and the actual experience of living in an urban environment."

Craige Roberts, dining recently on Alana’s porch, touched on key essences of the alfresco dining experience.

"Fresh air provides a different kind of light. There’s the liveliness of the people.

"Fresh air is vastly underrated."

source: "For many, eating outside is in" by Bill Mayr (The Columbus Dispatch, May 11,2006)

WaiterBell Angle: Summer is here and restaurants everywhere are offering outdoor dining. How can you ensure consistent quality service for your customers eating outside? Provide them with a connection to the waitstaff on the inside with WaiterBell. Whether your guests want more wine to watch the sunset or dessert under the moon, WaiterBell helps your waitstaff provide prompt, timely service.


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