Advice: Korean Food


Empowered dining can include knowledge of the general guidelines for eating a specific cuisine. This entry will focus on Korean food. We will focus on other cuisines in the future.

The links below will include information on eating, ordering, and restaurant etiquette with regards to Korean food. Please remember that these are only suggested guidelines.

Korean BBQ:
Guide to Korean Barbeque
Korean Barbeque Do's and Don'ts

General Korean Food Info:
Art of Eating Korean Food
Korean Menu (click on links for pictures and more info)
Korean Cuisine (Wiki)

If you have other links or resources to add to this, please let us know here or at our forums.

Happy Eating.


One Response to “Advice: Korean Food”

  1. yinicheah Says:

    Hi! Thanks for your informative post. I will be doing a post on Korean food too, mind if I link to your post?

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