Article: “Survey: High levels of tipping at finer restaurants” (May 2005)


"We learned that 25 percent believe restaurant service has improved over time, compared to only 8 percent who believe service quality has declined," says Thomas Layton, OpenTable CEO, in a written statement. "This raises the bar for restaurants, which now have higher service standards to meet."

According to the survey, spending on white-tablecloth dining is trending upward, with 40 percent of respondents saying they spend more today than they did a year ago. In contrast, only 4 percent say they are spending less than one year ago, while 56 percent say that there has been no change.

Respondents reported that their average dinner tab is $49.37 per person, including taxes, tip, and beverages. In addition, compared to one year ago, twice as many say they are dining out more often as say they are dining out less often (31 percent vs. 15 percent)."

source: "Survey: High levels of tipping at finer restaurants" (Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal, May 18, 2005)

WaiterBell Angle: A couple of notes on this survey, it was sponsored by and it the respondents are members. Depending on your restaurant and clientele, those details may make the survey more relevant for you. As you can see in this 2005 survey, a higher percentage of respondents believe that restaurant service was improving, meaning that some restaurants are raising their service standards distinguishing themselves from the competition.

WaiterBell helps raise service standards by providing a service safety net for your waitstaff and empowering customers. The result is a consistent dining experience with the right amount of attention from your waitstaff.


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