Article: “Correct Lighting Brightens Up Dining” (May 2006)


"There's something all savvy restaurateurs know about creating a great place to dine. Service, cuisine and furnishings are critical, certainly. But just as key is the lighting. Lighting not only highlights architecture and spotlights food, it's what brings romance and glamour to a room.

"When you walk into a restaurant and it has that great orangey glow, it makes you feel good and it makes you look good," says Michael Palermo, development director for the Starr Restaurant Organization."

source: "Correct Lighting Brightens Up Dining" by Eils Lotozo (May 13,2006)

The above excerpt is taken from an article that is focused on home dining, however restaurants may find some of the information helpful. Below are additional links with helpful information:

Tips For Choosing The Right Lighting For Your Restaurant Business (
Is It Dark In Here, Or What? (Restaurant Hospitality)
GE Lighting Toolkit (GE Consumer & Industrial)


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