Article: “Food allergies: Strategies for dining out” (Feb.2006)


"Yes! You can enjoy a meal out even if you have food allergies. But, don't rely on menu descriptions alone when ordering. Ask questions about ingredients and how the meal is prepared to lower your risk of an allergic reaction.

You might be uncomfortable making special requests at restaurants, especially if wait staff are overextended. Discomfort speaking up about food allergies is the most common reason people have allergic reactions when dining out…"

source: "Food allergies: Strategies for dining out" by The Mayo Clinic (CNN, Feb.9,2006)

If you have a food allergy and like to eat out, the above article provides practical advice. Here are some other articles, tools, and links with helpful information:

Food Allergy Buddy Card (free tool)
New on the menu: allergens (Boston Globe)
Practical Traveler: Coping With Food Allergies (New York Times)
The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network

If you have other links or resources to add to this, please let us know here or at our forums.

Happy Eating.


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  1. Good sites for people with food allergies? » erik_k Says:

    […] Article: “Food allergies: Strategies for dining out” (Feb.2006) […]

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