Article: “Turning the Tables: New Research Lets Customers Tell Companies Why They Buy…and How Customers Want Companies to Behave”


"Commenting on the findings, Paul Greenberg, author of the industry best-seller "CRM at the Speed of Light: Customer Strategies for the 21st Century" says, "Lee and Mangen have verified and amplified with hard data the growing perception that the new breed of customer is here to stay and businesses need to react–or risk their very existence. Moreover, there are lessons in this study for customers, marketers, advertising agencies and CRM practitioners as well."

Although the study report includes sufficient interpretation and commentary to qualify as a book, the statistical reporting is comprehensive and straight-forward. While the authors anticipate that many in customer-related professions may deny the findings, according to Mangen, "Frankly, contesting the core findings means telling customers they don't know what they're talking about–and that's pretty far down the slippery slope of doing what you want to do, not what customers want you to do."

  • The presence of a growing gap between customer expectations and company behavior, which creates opportunity for some companies and increasing risk to others.
  • After 50 years of sellers markets, buyers are taking widespread control of buyer-seller relationships, and many companies don't know how to respond.
  • At a high level, a company's degree of customer focus was the most important purchase decision factor for customers, and by a very wide margin…"

source: "Turning the Tables: New Research Lets Customers Tell Companies Why They Buy…and How Customers Want Companies to Behave" (Mangen Research Associates, May 1, 2006) (Press Release)

link: "Customers Say What Companies Don’t Want to Hear" Research Paper's Table of Contents and Preface

WaiterBell Angle: This is a press release for a recent 2006 study that is available for purchase. The research is being applied to CRM companies, however they can also be relevant to the restaurant industry. Findings suggest that there are opportunities for businesses who become more customer focused. For the restaurant industry which traditionally doesn't receive much direct, objective feedback from its customers, it is important to be proactive in being customer-centric.

WaiterBell shows your patrons that you are a customer focused restaurant. Empowering customers while enhancing customer service provides a competitive edge over other restaurants and increases customers satisfaction.


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