Article: “El Pollo Loco Launches New Tell Us About Us Customer Feedback System” (Apr.2006)

"El Pollo Loco, Inc., a leading chain of 340 quick-serve restaurants specializing in flame-grilled chicken, recently launched the Assured Resolution(TM) 1-800 Customer Support system provided by Tell Us About Us Inc. This innovative program offers customers access to live operators who have the tools to log each call, track it through to resolution and notify El Pollo Loco staff when action is required.

El Pollo Loco first partnered with Tell Us About Us Inc. in January of 2004 to replace its mystery shop program with automated telephone and web surveys. "By linking the Assured Resolution(TM) program with the customer surveys we gather, our customer insights have become much richer."

source: "El Pollo Loco Launches New Tell Us About Us Customer Feedback System" (QSR, Apr.27.2006)

WaiterBell Angle: While El Pollo Loco is a quick serve restaurant, what they are doing is applicable to full serve restaurants. They are making it easy for customers to provide feedback and, when applicable, see results. This encourages customer confidence in the feedback process and additional use in the future. As a result, their customer feedback is much richer and allowing for continuous improvement. This is contrary to the mystery shopper method which provides only snapshots of the dining experience.

WaiterBell is also a system that allows for continuous improvement. Sitting unobtrusively on the table, it stands ready for that critical moment when a customer begins to feel frustration from a service gap. Using WaiterBell as a proactive measure to improve restaurant customer service, restaurants can spend less time being reactive to negative customer feedback.


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