Article: “Service: The Real Product of Your Restaurant – You Know It, So Do Your Customers”


"As we home in on a definition, there are some basic truths about service. First, it’s always defined from a customer’s perspective, never from ours. That’s why it is so important to spend the time necessary searching for service people who understand that customers have different needs and demands. For example, some customers like it when you ask frequently if there is anything else they need, and some don’t want to be interrupted during their conversations.

We all know successful service is not a one-time event. You’re only as good as the last encounter. It’s unfair, but a customer perception of your service can be great one day and ruined on another day. Your restaurant’s ambience can be enthralling, your food sumptuous, but poor service casts a shadow over the experience. When service suffers, the dining experience will be mediocre, at best.

…What if you set out to create the most successful customer service organization in the world, and one that would delight people of all ages? How would you do it? Here’s one suggestion:

"Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends." — Walt Disney"

source: "Service: The Real Product of Your Restaurant – You Know It, So Do Your Customers" (Restaurant Startup & Growth)

WaiterBell Angle: Empowering customers with WaiterBell not only provides a service safety net for your waitstaff, but also helps your customers shape the dining experience to their preference. While your waitstaff may change from lunch to dinner or weekday to weekend, WaiterBell will help your restaurant provide consistent, high quality restaurant customer service.

Note: "Restaurant Startup & Growth" magazine is linked to the site which is a fee-based membership site. Most links on the site will lead to a login page for members, however there are many free articles scattered around the site. We have linked to some of them at the TipsWaiterBell blog.


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