Article: “Eatery a Shade too inattentive” (May 2006)


"Karla Holomon says she's dined at Shade Restaurant, 250 W. 19th, many times. Service has always been adequate, and the food good.

But one recent Saturday, "despite having a reservation, I was seated for 10 minutes without seeing a waiter. When finally asked if we wished to order a beverage, I requested iced tea and received water, but never a menu.

"We left and went to…"

source: "Eatery a Shade too inattentive" by Mona Shoup (Houston Chronicle, May 17,2006)

WaiterBell Angle: All restaurants try to deliver consistent restaurant customer service, however mistakes do happen. WaiterBell prevents those mistakes from turning into not only lost business, but negative word of mouth. This one restaurant customer service incident was published by a major metropolitan paper for thousands to see.

WaiterBell ensures consistent restaurant customer service so when you see your restaurant mentioned by a paper, it is not for neglectful service.


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