Resource: Free Resources for your Waitstaff


Most of the posts on this blog are related to restaurant customer service and how WaiterBell can benefit restaurants. We know that restaurant customer service begins with your waitstaff, so in this post, we are highlighting free web resources, advice, and infomation that may benefit your waitstaff.

Note: In addition to their free content, many of these sites also promote waitstaff training services and instructional materials. Newletter Archives
WaitersWorld Discussion and News Board (free membership)
WaitersWorld Resouce Links
Tip20! – Service industry employee front of house information and resources

Restaurant Talking Points Blog Articles for Restaurant Workers
"Service-oriented: Pampering waiters stay in demand" by Mary Duan (San Jose Business Journal, Apr.2002)

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Perspectives: From the other side of the tray (links to restaurant worker blogs)
Resource: Free Tipping Resources for Customers and Waitstaff

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WaiterBell Angle
: WaiterBell does not empower the customer at the expense of the waitstaff, but rather complements and helps reinforce your waitstaff training.


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