Media: “Marketing Voices – Building Stronger Brands with Blogs, Podcasts, and Wikis” (May 2006)


"Jennifer Jones of Marketing Voices interviews Phil Gomes, Vice President for Edelman’s Me2revolution group, the largest independent public relations agency in the world. Jennifer talks with Phil about the intersection of corporate communications and social media. They discuss what social media is best today and how blogs, and podcasts can build stronger brands."

source: "Marketing Voices – Building Stronger Brands with Blogs, Podcasts, and Wikis" by Jennifer Jones (Marketing Voices, May 8, 2006)

Your restaurant is a brand. When customers see the name on a menu, a sign, or an ad, you are trying to build a stronger brand. Your restaurant "brand" is also you and your staff, and creating a connection between your restaurant brand and customers in social media (aka Web 2.0) can be a delicate matter.

For information on this developing trend of social media marketing and public relations, Advertising Age has released a 2006 Interactive Marketing & Media Fact Pack (pdf format).

"Marketers are "definately spending on:

  • adding RSS feeds (40%)
  • in-house blogs (35%)
  • ads on third party blogs/blog networks (30%)
  • video ads (27%)
  • ads in RSS feeds (21%)
  • mobile/wireless (20%)
  • in-house podcasts (18%)
  • sponsoring podcasts (14%)
  • product placements in video games (10%)"

source: "Interactive Marketing & Media Fact Pack 2006" (Advertising Age, April 17,2006) (via FKCBlog)


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