Article: “Take It Outside at D.C.’s Poste” (May 2006)


"Instead of just setting out a dozen tables, as in years past, Taylor says, Poste's staff wanted to create "a place where people can come and relax — almost like an outdoor lounge."To create that vibe, Poste added a variety of cabana-style benches, couches, woven chairs with fabric cushions and a pair of seats that look like egg cups with slinky-style canopies.

…The problem is, after repeat visits, I'm still not sure how service works. Taylor tells me that half the terraced space is given over to dinner seating, while half is for people who just want drinks — which would be fine if I'd ever had a server approach my table and ask if I wanted a cocktail. Every time, I've gotten up, ordered a drink at the bar and came back outside. (I've seen waitresses taking orders from customers having dinner, though.)"

source: "Take It Outside at D.C.'s Poste" by Fritz Hahn (Washington Post, May 19,2006)

WaiterBell Angle: With the WaiterBell system, your guests are never unsure on how to get assistance. Envision this same reporter pressing a WaiterBell to have the waitstaff come by and assist him, then this review would not be commenting on the lack of service, but rather the waitstaff's helpfulness. Now imagine empowering your other customers, and WaiterBell's effect on their dining experiences.


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