Blog Post: “Under Your Nose” (May 2006)


"The bartender and waitstaff never checked on us, never offered us dinner, and never mentioned that the kitchen was closing. Again, we knew they were not serving outside so our expectations were tempered — but the country club restaurant and bar did not appear busy as the evening progressed.

Little did the management the country club know, but friends in our group are considering a membership…At $20,000 + dollars a year (for the membership fee only) how many people are going to consider this a good investment when they've been ignored by the waitstaff? A $100 night of bad service could cost this country club approximately $100,000 in membership fees over the next 5 years."

source: "Under Your Nose" by Laura S. (Local Store Marketing Community, May 23,2006)

WaiterBell Angle: This is another example of guests evaluating your restaurant customer service and how it can cost you money in ways beyond the actual food and drink bill. WaiterBell is an affordable service safety net system that prevents situations like the one above from occurring.


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