Article: “Pet Peeves: At Your Service?” (August 2002)


"Vanishing waiters, ringing cell phones — restaurant goers have plenty of things to complain about. We asked respondents for their No. 1 pet peeve. The survey says…

23% Waiters who disappear
13% Vain or snotty waitstaff
12% Cold food…

source: "Pet Peeves: At Your Service?" (Food & Wine, August 2002)

WaiterBell Angle: The question for restaurant owners is "How can I prevent my customers from feeling that their waiter has disappeared?". In the past, the answers would be training and customer feedback systems, which are worthwhile for their purposes, but these solutions did not create a tangible connection between the waitstaff and the customer.

Now there is WaiterBell, a discreet, unobtrusive solution that helps every guest at every table feel connected to your waitstaff during their dining experience. Your customers will less likely feel that your waitstaff has "disappeared" or gone missing, and instead feel even more valued as your guest.


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