Article: “Study – Bargain meals actually cost you” (May 2006)


"…a pair of Wisconsin researchers has calculated how that jumbo-sized restaurant “bargain” meal deflates your wallet while it inflates your stomach.

The answer is between $3.10 and $7.72 based on only three hidden costs, say researchers Dale Schoeller, a professor of nutritional sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Rachel Close, a research assistant. Their findings will be published in June in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition.

…The three costs which Schoeller and Close used were driving a vehicle, medical care, and the need for extra food to supply the energy to maintain that extra weight. There were other costs that could have been included but which they rejected for one reason or another, Schoeller said."

source: "Study: Bargain meals actually cost you" by David Steinkraus (Journal Times, May 27,2006)


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