Article: “No hard science, but here’s how I review a restaurant” (May 2006)


"Service. Often, the most compelling reason to go out for dinner isn't the food. It's the fact that we don't have to cook, do dishes, or, frankly, get our butts up from the table for anything at all.

But service has to be good for it to make sense. There's no upside to sloppy service; it negates any chance of having a pleasant meal. Flawless service, however, is invaluable. It can make a good meal great, a great meal unforgettable.

The more I eat out, the more I appreciate good service (by which I mean efficient, aware and friendly), and the more sensitive I am to bad (sluggish, distracted and absent). 

source: "No hard science, but here's how I review a restaurant" by Tucker Shaw (Denver Post, May 31,2006) 

WaiterBell Angle: This professional restaurant critic explains how important restaurant service is to the dining experience and how it can affect a meal. The WaiterBell system is specifically designed to enhance restaurant customer service by providing a service safety net for your waitstaff and your customers. Poor restaurant service leaves a bad taste in a customer's mouth.


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