Article: “Ready to be self-served?” (June 2006)


"The country is not quite ready for self-serve," said Devin Green, chief executive of ESP Systems LLC, which is deploying a system for alerting a restaurant's staff that a patron needs service. "This is a people business. People go to a restaurant to be served."

Dick Rivera, president and chief executive of Rubicon Enterprises and former chief operating officer of Darden Restaurants, said there may be other ways "to put the customer in control that don't detract from service." Darden Restaurants owns Red Lobster and Olive Garden and other chains.

Like many of the new technologies that are quickly evolving today, ESP Systems uses a wireless system. A paging device at the table gives the customer the ability to summon the server when they are ready to order, need assistance or want the check."

source: "Ready to be self-served?" by John Schmeltzer (Chicago Tribune, Jun.1,2006)

WaiterBell Angle: While WaiterBell and ESP Systems work from the same concept, each accomplishes the goal differently. We did a quick comparison between the two systems a little while ago (click here).


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