Restaurant service experiences at French Laundry and Ritz-Carlton

French Laundry

posted by ulterior epicure:

"…Service slowed down markedly toward the end of service. Although our waters were topped of vigilantly (see #3), we did find it hard to get our head server's attention a few times – also pacing seemed to slow down between courses (this may have been an issue in the kitchen).

Regardless, it became apparent that the other tables, that were ordering alcohol, were moving at a more even pace – especially a boisterous party of seven that had all started out with some bubbly and proceeded on with more alcohol pairings. They were getting much more attention, in part, explaining our oft-AWOL server(s)…."

source: French Laundry, The Thread (EGullet Forums)

The Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel:

posted by anonymous member

"The service, however, is dismal at best. Consistently dismal. From the cafe/lounge dining room where the staff appears to take on the attitude that "adults with children need to be tolerated, not served". The average wait for a glass of wine over the three-day stay was about half hour. The servers had little wine knowledge of what was already an abbreviate by-the-glass list to begin with, and don't bother waiting for someone to take your order for drinks or anythine else should you decide to sit at a sofa waiting for a dessert menu.

On my second day at the pool, a young couple from Newport, sensing my frustration at trying to get a server's attention to order lunch said "Oh, it's always like this here, but the place is so nice." I think not."

source: TripAdvisor Reviews

WaiterBell Angle: Two very high end establishments with decades of restaurant customer service experience doesn't mean that they don't make mistakes with service. How can your restaurant proactively minimize these types of service gaps?


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