News: Recent Restaurant Technology Headlines 6/5/06

June 4, 2006
StarSat fast-food restaurant monitoring system is taking off (Business First of Louisville)

The StarSat system consists of a computer that is installed at a restaurant and connects with the cash registers, video cameras and contact sensors on the safe and doors throughout the facility.

June 1, 2006
E-Learning for Hospitality, Food Service (

Best of all, the physical restrictions have been taken away. Executives anywhere in the world can sign up for classes that they were previously available only in Ithaca or in Professional Development Program locations in Belgium and Singapore.

Wine and a laptop, please (Houston Chronicle)

WiFi is popular at bars and pubs, too. Stephen Marsh, owner of the Dugout Sports Bar & Grill, says he sees "laptops in here all the time now." It's not unusual for 15 to 20 people to use their computers during a football game, Marsh says.

May 2006
Tech for Toques (Fast Company)

Slingshot, as he eventually called his brainchild, tracks which wines and cocktails are popular (and which servers sold the most of them), which conventioneers eat steak and which trend vegan, and even cross-references consumption against weather, holidays, or special events.


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