Review: “Poor service mars meals at Hama” (June 2006)


"When people ask me what's most important in a restaurant review, I always say, "the food."

Service and atmosphere, I explain, can affect a meal but usually can't ruin it completely. I've seen many diners walk into dingy restaurants or endure slow or snotty service if the food is good enough.

But after three recent visits to Restaurant Hama on Brown Deer Road, I'm rethinking my position.

…As I sat, readying my order, a plate of sushi rolls was delivered to a diner at a nearby table. I noticed that he wasn't given a small bowl for the bottled Kikkoman soy sauce on the table for dipping his rolls.

After trying to attract the attention of a server, he finally got up, walked over to the counter and snared his own bowl."

source: "Poor service mars meals at Hama" by Dennis R. Getto (Journal Sentinel, Jun. 4,2006) 

WaiterBell Angle: This restaurant critic provides an example when the high quality food is not enough to compensate for bad service and atmosphere.

In the review he notes the frustrated experience of a felllow diner. This is noteworthy because it demonstrates how poor service experienced by one guest is noticed and remembered by other guests in the room. This is why it is imperative that everyone in the restaurant receives consistent, quality service.


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