Article: “The waiting game” (June 2006)


"If there is one thing that Melbourne restaurateurs can agree on, it's that a good waiter is hard to find. And if a group as notoriously diverse and feisty as this is speaking with one voice, you know there is a problem.

Describing the current shortage of experienced waiters as anything from difficult to chronic, industry professionals cite wide-ranging reasons why so many of them can't find staff: a glut of restaurants; out-of-touch training institutions; low wages; lifestyle choices; lack of government support; even the work ethic of generation Y."

source: "The waiting game" by Michael Harden (The Age, Jun. 6, 2006)

WaiterBell Angle: More than ever, it is difficult to find, train, and keep good service workers. Due to turnover, you might find that you need to devote more time, energy, and money towards waitstaff training. This article covers the situation in Australia.

For restaurant customer service, the waitstaff is the critical piece of the puzzle. How does your restaurant proactively support your waitstaff?


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