Article: “So much potential, so little success” (Jun.2006)


"Aqua Bella can be operational and lively, but still a puzzle. Between the kitchen and all those rooms and patios, there often is a black hole into which servers disappear for far too long. At my first lunch months ago, a thin crowd of three tables strained the staff.

On recent trips, service has been good-natured and surprisingly quick.

Service should not be lackadaisical. Straighten that up, and we'll happily pay a prettier penny for fresh crab, scallops, shrimp and a view of the bay, good ol' Gulfport pleasures."

source: "So much potential, so little success" by Chris Sherman (St. Petersburg Times, Jun.8,2006)

WaiterBell Angle: Restaurants are fortunate that food critics are usually required to visit multiple times before writing their review. How forgiving will your customers be? A business should be careful about relying on the kindness of its customers to forgive and understand service and food issues.

Restaurant owners, especially for those just opening their business, should use proactive and backup measures to provide a consistent dining experience. Once a customer trusts your restaurant and waitstaff, they will be much more forgiving of any accidents.


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