Article: “More Than A Place to Grab A Quick Drink” (June 2006)


"It is transforming the bar into a constantly evolving part of the lobby, where guests can eat an omelet in the morning, conduct a meeting in the afternoon and have a martini at night…The firm's executives have dubbed it "A.M. comfort, P.M. cool." The idea is to make the lobby — a place where guests weren't spending money — a destination with plenty of opportunities throughout the day for guests to employ their expense accounts.

"You're going to turn a loss into a gain," said John L. Williams, president of DiamondRock Hospitality Co., which owns several Marriott hotels and will include the new bar functions in its properties. "You are making a unit of the hotel more functional, more efficient, and more responsive to the customer needs of today," Williams said."

source: "More Than A Place to Grab A Quick Drink" by Michael S. Rosenwald (Washington Post, Jun. 12,2006)

 WaiterBell Angle: Providing table service to casual gathering spaces such as lobbies, balconies, and outdoor settings does two important things for hotels: increase guest spending oppportunities and emphasizes flexibility in its customer focus. 

The challenge in this is to be able to provide consistent, attentive table service for these spaces and cost-efficient staff scheduling to handle the ebbs and flows of these spaces. If these spaces do not receive consistent, attentive table service, then the goal of these spaces is lost. Wireless signaling systems are a perfect complement to these situations. 


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