News: Recent Restaurant Technology Headlines 6/12/06

June 12, 2006

Sports bars go high-def to keep pace with technology (Chicago Tribune)

Fear of losing customers led to a recent renovation at Hi-Tops, a sports bar in the tavern-soaked Wrigleyville neighborhood. "Before adding the high-def televisions, we had some people walk in our doors and then turn around when they saw our TVs," said Jack O'Keefe, manager for the bar.

End of the line (The Scoop, NRN Foodservice Blog)

I tried the future for lunch today, but found it to be a lukewarm burrito. Yet I’m still lauding Chipotle Grill for making appreciable progress toward that Holy Grail of web-minded restaurant chains, online ordering.

June 5, 2006

Leverage the right technology to enhance learning (Nation's Restaurant News)

With corporate training and learning programs changing more rapidly than Elton John at a Liberace tribute, it's time to assess — or reassess — the role of technology as an enabler of 21st-century foodservice training.


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