Blog: “When complaints fall on deaf ears” (Jun.2006)


"About 80 percent of the complaints I get about restaurants from readers have to deal with how they're treated. Here's one example sent to me earlier this week:

If I have a bad or subpar experience at a restaurant, what is the best way to handle it?"

source: "When complaints fall on deaf ears" by Michael Bauer (Between Meals, Jun.10,2006)

 Update 6/14/06: A follow up post by Michael Bauer on the subject:

"Saturday's post about a reader whose letter went unanswered, sparked several responses from people in the business. The theme is: They want your complaints, they really do.

As a restaurant critic, I feel like I'm straddling a line, with the restaurants on one side and the consumer on the other…"

source: "Complain at your own risk" by Michael Bauer (Between Meals, Jun.13,2006)


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