Article: “The devil, and repeat business, is in the details” (May 2006)


"Time flew by, but unfortunately the server didn't. She overlooked the man's request when sidetracked in the kitchen helping the expediter assemble the food order for her adjacent eight-top. The man began craning his neck, looking for his missing-in-action server as time crawled by and the kids wolfed down their pizza and pasta.

…A food runner appeared, delivering an appetizer to another table. "'Scuse me?" the husband said. "Can I please get a side of salsa for my burger?" The food runner smiled, said "sure" and took off for the kitchen. But unfortunately the manager stopped the food runner midstride in the dining room and told him to give the expediter a hand–pronto.

…I'll see if I can get the manager's attention, he's headed this way," the exasperated husband muttered. The smiling manager was indeed strolling toward their section, but suddenly he caught sight of a basketball game on TV at the empty bar and veered off, engaging the bartender in a spirited conversation about the home team's playoff hopes."

…The devil is in the details, and so is customer loyalty and operational excellence. If you're consistently failing to execute the little things, don't be surprised if business slips, one "side" at a time.

source: "The devil, and repeat business, is in the details" by Jim Sullivan (Nation's Restaurant News, May 8,2006) [via]

WaiterBell Angle: The instances described above are examples of service gaps that occur during the guest's dining experience. Wireless signaling systems can help prevent a service gap from developing into lost business. Imagine how the above situation would have turned out differently if such a system was put into place.


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