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Taken from the most recent issue:

One of the most popular topics is how to shave costs without sacrificing speed, quality, accuracy and service. Here’s the top ten most popular cost-control tips: Reward and recognize “waste-watchers.”

Remember that all money is not created equal; $100 in sales is $100…less taxes and expenses. $100 in savings is $100. If a team member contributes an idea that saves you $100, why not reward them with a $20 “commission”? Make it a habit to recognize and compliment your crew members who stick to the proper specs, portions and recipes. If you see it, say it…"

source: Sullivision E-Newsletter (, May 2006)


One Response to “Advice:’s Free Monthly E-Newsletter”

  1. Fred Scholz Says:

    Heard you speak at Boston Pizza Leadership Conference 2006 and would like the note from your speach.Thank You.

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