Article: “Dining on the road an eye-opener about service” (Jun.2006)


“I’ve spent most of this column writing about restaurant staff and how they can make a positive experience for every customer. But we diners can make a difference, too. At the Harraseeket Lobster Company in South Freeport, this was certainly the case. In search of a Maine lobster roll on a rainy, dreary evening, I happened upon this famous lobster-in-the-rough joint.

The place was packed. One large group had pushed several smaller tables together. They were finished eating, but were enjoying their night out. The patriarch of the family, noticing the number of people waiting, pronounced, “Time to go. These folks need to sit down and enjoy their lobster.” How many of us have ever done that in a crowded San Diego coastal restaurant?

My experiences on this trip make me want to go back. They also make me hope that this is the way our visitors to San Diego feel about us. Let’s hope our restaurants treat our summer visitors better this year, and while we are at it, let’s try to be better customers, too.”

source: “Dining on the road an eye-opener about service” by Pam Wischkaemper (North County Times, Jun.28,2006)


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