Article: “Merlot To Go” (Jun.2006)


“Ohio wine lovers will be able to take a partially consumed bottle of wine home with them from a restaurant or winery beginning Sept. 20. Gov. Bob Taft signed the new law, dubbed the “Merlot to Go” bill, June 20.

“The law is a tip of the hat to common sense,” Winchell said. “Its provisions are clear and straightforward so that wineries and restaurants can easily comply, and consumers will clearly understand their responsibilities.”

Prior to allowing a patron to leave with an open bottle, the seller must securely reseal it so that it is “visibly apparent if the bottle has been subsequently opened or tampered with,” according to the bill’s text. The buyer may then place the bottle in the trunk of a vehicle or behind a back seat – out of the driver’s reach.”

source: “Merlot To Go” by Justin Maynor (News Herald, Jun.27,2006)

To find out if your state has “Merlot-To-Go” Laws, click here (provided by


4 Responses to “Article: “Merlot To Go” (Jun.2006)”

  1. bob beck Says:

    This law is really catching on as patrons realize that they have a much wider choice of wines to sample without worrying about not finishing the bottle. Restaurants, too, are selling more bottled wine since patrons know they can take it home if it is not finished. A great law. We’ve had consumers purchase wine doggy bags to make sure that, if the restaurant doesn’t have one, they will. Particularly if they bring their own wine to a restaurant and don’t finish it. Without the winedoggybag, you can’t take it home. We’ll be more than happy to send a sample. Just log into and let us know what you’d like.

  2. bob beck Says:

    What we have also found is that the wine doggy bags are a great and unique holiday gift for wine loving friends. By keeping some wine doggy bags in the car they will never worry about taking home their wine. Visit to get a sample.

  3. Robert Smith Says:

    Our website offers “Merlot-to-go” law compliant bags for restaurants. We’ve seen a significant spike in sales to the Ohio market, so we’re now offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders shipped to Ohio through October 31, 2006 – just mention the offer in the “comments” section of your online order. Cheers!

  4. emzws Says:

    Good site!!!

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