Article: “Dining out: House on the Rock meal good, when it arrives” (Jul.2006)


“To the restaurant’s credit, the food was very good. To its debit, however, the service from start to finish left a lot to be desired. The restaurant was busy, but not excessively so, with staffing comparable to the need. Pleasant as those staff members were, however, none seemed to rise well to the challenge of serving us a couple of dinners, which made our experience all the more challenging.

She gave us menus, but not a wine list. That took a request of the waitress, who tardily produced one. We ordered a bottle of Ruffino Chianti ($22), a pleasant, dry red, just to be polite. We had already waited a number of minutes for the waitress’s arrival and didn’t want to miss the opportunity.

…Water was also a challenge. The person who seated us primarily manned the water pitcher. She was very evident early in the meal, but then evaporated from sight, leaving us dry when we needed it most.”

source: “Dining out: House on the Rock meal good, when it arrives” by Michael Muckian (The Capital Times, Jul.1,2006)


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