Article: “Turning the Tables” (Jan.2005)


“A pair of local waiters is blowing the cover on tricks that a restaurant employee might use to boost take-home pay. But who’s scamming whom?

“There’s a lot of money in iced tea,” counsels Scam Bible author R. Chip DeGlinkta.

“If I were to use these yuppies in a scam,” says R. Chip DeGlinkta as he eyes a table of six professionally dressed women sitting across the restaurant, “I might pad the check there.”

The women look relaxed, but on the job. They could be a group of co-workers celebrating a successful sale or conventioneers expensing a meal between meetings. Would they notice a few extra iced teas added to their tab?

“If they decide to pay separate, that’s good, too,” DeGlinkta says. “I’ll split up the checks and recycle items from different checks….”

source: “Turning the Tables” by Todd A. Price (Gambit Weekly, Jan.1,2005) [Google cached copy]

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