Article: “Turning the Tables” (Jan.2005)


“Is there really a war raging between management and staff, with waiters and bartenders trying to rob both their bosses and me? Or is DeGlinkta a huckster painting the restaurant industry in the worst possible light to sell his book? And how much scamming is there, anyway?

“Unfortunately, it’s too prevalent,” says the Louisiana Restaurant Association’s Tom Weatherly. “Restaurants have all the disadvantages of every small business and then plus some. We’re a very labor-intensive industry; we handle a lot of cash, a lot of credit card charges. The biggest bulk of the problem is from employees,” he says.

Mel Ziegler is president of the Bourbon Street Merchants Association and owns several French Quarter restaurants. “Waiters and bartenders are an unbelievable breed,” he says. “A waiter or bartender can really f–k over a place.” He practices constant vigilance in his establishments. “You have to think like a thief and then think like a better thief, because once you close that one loophole they’re going to open up another.”

source: “Turning the Tables” by Todd A. Price (Gambit Weekly, Jan.1,2005) [Google cached copy]

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