Web Site: HealthyDiningFinder.com


“Do you love to eat out? Are you looking for restaurants that offer a selection of healthier menu items? If so, then you’ve come to the right place, but a little too soon! Please enter your e-mail address below, and we’ll notify you when the website is accessible. You’ll find a wonderful selection of great-tasting, healthier menu items from restaurants nationwide, ranging from quick-serve to fine dining and representing dozens of types of cuisines.”

link: HealthyDiningFinder.com

HealthyDiningFinder site is associated with the National Restaurant Association (Note: HealthyDiningFinder site is not affiliated with TeamWaiterBell or WaiterBell). For a demo of the site in action, click here.

Update (9/4/06):

Then you’re invited to preview this new website, which will officially launch in January 2007. Please visit often, as this website continues to grow with more restaurants – from quick-serve to fine dining – and other frequent updates.”

link: HealthyDiningFinder.com


12 Responses to “Web Site: HealthyDiningFinder.com”

  1. Diane Says:

    Sounds very interesting ! Cant’ wait for your site
    to launch.

  2. Frances H. Fowler Says:

    I am very interested in healthy eating, but avoid eating out very often because of the high calorie food and the huge portion servings. I would like to know when your web site is ready for access to that kind of information. I live in Gainesville, FL
    I read about you in this morning’s newspaper, The Gainesville Sun. 9/4/06

  3. Louetta Thompson Says:

    This will be great. We not only need healthy meals that take in concideration the sugar & colesterol count but smaller amounts–for instance if I want a bowl of soup, they usually have linked with it a half of sandwich or a salad. And they need to price it accordingly. If they cut the portions but not the price, that’s not good. It would be fine if an older couple could split their meal without feeling like 2nd class citizens.

  4. james hill Says:

    can’t wait for your site thanks

  5. kelly Says:

    very excited to see the truth

  6. mickey eytcheson Says:

    being on weight watches this site will solve a lot of problems for me. i have lost 20 lbs. and love to eat out but do not do so because of the limited choices, even the diners that offer low fat menu`s do not offer very much variety , so with your site i should be able to have access to more diners that i didn`t know about thus having more variety.

  7. SUE Says:

    I can hardly wait till the site is up and running… I am on weight watchers and I used to love to eat out and have lost about 75 lbs so far and need to lose tons more for my heart and high blood pressure, but I am getting tired of making dinner after work.And to eat healthy out with picking and choose and guess at which resturant have healthy meals, sometime it is a guess game. so this will be a god sent.. Please inform me when this site is up and running. thanks soooo much for coming up with this wonder idea.

  8. peter ferrara Says:

    No Comment When will site be active

  9. Janice Spann Says:

    I dineout quite often and I would like to have more options on the menu.

  10. Gail Palmer Says:

    I am just getting started with my 2007 commitment to lose weight. I have lost 6 pds over the Holiday. Yay for me. We eat out regularly and will be looking forward to what your site has to offer.

  11. Jennifer Burton Says:

    please let me know when this site is ready for access.

  12. Vesta Says:

    let me know when u are up and running. GREAT IDEA.

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