Blog Post: “The Art of the Email” (Jul.2006)


‘Recently I was in a seminar styled meeting and the topic was the art of the email. When I went in I thought I was aware of most of the email tricks. The guy who was leading the email discussion was a magician. He knew how to design an email so people respond.

He spoke of the psychology of the email and we discussed what gets people to respond. And, he had minimalized the science so non-tech people, like us, could get behind our key boards and accomplish something without the fear of failure staring us in the face. It’s a great, quick, easy, smple, rapid, yada, yada, yada, way to promote.

Here are a few tips:”

source: “The Art of the Email” by John Foley (The Restaurant Blog,Jul.19,2006)

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2 Responses to “Blog Post: “The Art of the Email” (Jul.2006)”

  1. Elie Ashery Says:

    My company, Gold Lasso, provides email marketing services and technology to medium and large sized businesses and associations. There is a diner down the street from my office of which I’m a regular. For the hell of it I cut a barter deal with the diner’s owner to turn the business cards he collects for a his free lunch promo into an opt-in email program. In six months we built the list to over two thousand and use it to promote a Friday and Saturday night tiki bar they have during the summer which includes outdoor entertainment. To make a long story short, the tiki bar is always filled. When I informally polled the patrons about the email they received, they said it caught their attention because they don’t usually receive email from small restaurants or any restaurant for that matter. I guess just being in the email game can help a small restaurent since it seems to be an untapped medium to encourage repeat business.

    Elie Ashery
    President & CEO
    Gold Lasso, LLC

  2. Qvant Says:

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