Article: “What A Dish!” (Jul.2006)


“To some camera-happy diners, food is so gorgeous, so sensual, that it just has to be photographed — and posted on a blog.

…”If you look at the photography, the very loving manner in which these photographs are shot, they are meant to tantalize and titillate the viewer,” said Jarrett Byrnes, a graduate student who lives in Sebastopol, Calif., and runs Food Porn Watch, a Web site with links to almost 1,000 food blogs around the world, most with extensive food photography.

…And if diners can go to a Web site like eGullet and see that the mozzarella dish comes as, say, a cheese balloon filled with tomato foam, or some such delight, it’s a little like learning the ending of a thriller before heading to the movie.

Then again, Achatz admits to checking out food blogs before heading to a restaurant, and allows that in some cases, photos of the food can generate excitement in an establishment for reluctant diners.”

source: “What A Dish!” by Trine Tsouderos (Chicago Tribune, Jul.20,2006)

related link: Food Porn Watch


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