Article: “Fresh dim sum highlights Sunnyvale eatery” (Jul.2006)


“At a later dinner, the restaurant’s service left more to be desired. True, our waiter was helpful and brought the small black bass ($30 per pound) we had ordered from the tanks to show us before it was cooked. When the steamed whole fish arrived on a platter, a courtly supervisor quickly de-boned it at the table. But then everyone disappeared.

We’d eaten our fill of the exquisitely fresh, white-fleshed fish and had been waiting for our check for at least 10 minutes when we finally snagged a passing manager and asked for the check. He sent over complimentary bowls of a very sweet coconut soup for dessert, but no check materialized.

In vain we tried to catch the eye of a server in the half-empty dining room. Other diners who had arrived after we did had paid their bills and gone. Finally, we caught the same manager as he was rushing by again with someone else’s bill. Moments later we had our check.

Such lapses take the glow off an otherwise pleasant dinner.”

source: “Fresh dim sum highlights Sunnyvale eatery” by Aleta Watson (San Jose Mercury, Jul.23,2006)


One Response to “Article: “Fresh dim sum highlights Sunnyvale eatery” (Jul.2006)”

  1. Linda Says:

    Yeah you just get annoyed by that.. too bad after a nice dinner!

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