Resource: Restaurant & Catering Australia’s Technology Update


This section of Australia’s Restaurant & Catering association web site offers free restaurant technology articles and a free 70 page technology roadmap report.

Report: Technology Roadmap for the Restaurant & Catering Industry

Restaurant & Catering Australia has, with funding support from Ausindustry, has developed a TECHNOLOGY Roadmap for the restaurant and catering industry. This Roadmap has considered, through consultations throughout Australia, the needs of restaurateurs and caterers and has arrived at eleven recommendations as to the way forward to achieve greater take up of technology.

Sample Summaries of Articles:

March/April 2005 – SALE AWAY – A POS system is a valuable tool to keep orders charged, stock counted and customers satisfied

May/June 2005 – CALL TO ORDER – The must have accessory by the wait staff is electronic order pads but are these handheld units as functional as mounted terminals?

May/June 2005 – UPDATE YOUR WEBSITE – An Auckland restaurant has found that an out-of-date website can be very expensive.

link: Restaurant & Catering Australia’s Technology Update (scroll down for articles and report)


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