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29 Responses to “Free: Restaurant Industry, Hospitality, and Foodservice Discussion Forums”

  1. Sheryl Alford Says:

    I am an Hurricane Katrina evacuee. I have lost everything and have relocated in Churchpoint, La. I am opening a small Soul Food Restaurant in Rayne. I am asking everyone if they could donate pots,silverware, glasses, cups,bowls,tea urns.

    Thank You
    Sheryl Alford

  2. Kevin Says:

    What do you think about having your work schedule online?

    I work at a restaurant and there are so many shift changes done at my work and everyone posts in the back on a silly little piece of paper. So I’ve decided to do something about this.

    I’ve created a website for the restaurant industry to post their schedules and employees can post their shift trades/changes in the forum

    Here is the url:

    Let me know what you think. Thanks.

  3. asperibiatt Says:

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  4. CandyShopGirl Says:


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  5. CandyShopGirl Says:


    What do you think about Tokio Hotel? >:)

  6. bambino Says:

    I’ve always had a difficult time finding restaurants in new cities. In the past I’ve always relied on simply walking around or driving around until I found the type of restaurant that I felt like trying out. The more I traveled and the more spread out some of the cities were, I got very frustrated. So I got online and tried searching on,, and to try and find some results. My favorite of them was, the site gives user recommendations and rates the buisnesses. They also have full profiles of buisnesses with pictures so that you can see what kind of place you’ll be going to. Maybe this will provide useful to you too!

  7. Ed Fox Says:

    Is there much market for used, excellent condition Buffet Steam tables? Anyone had any experence selling such things on Ebay or other sites?

  8. Msg2me Says:

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  9. Jim Says:

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  10. Jim Says:

    If you want to own a restaurant and want to reduce your risk search and view over 1,000 florida restaurants for sale.

  11. Jolanta Cook Says:

    The above post by

    Jeremy Cornell
    Staffing/Managment Group

    just “reeks” of SCAM… any company over $50 million is not going to have a web page that goes nowhere like intershipco dot com

  12. fast food coupons Says:

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  13. woppypeft Says:

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  14. dedoideolfbib Says:

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  15. Aletarweara Says:


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  16. EstherCohenCurly Says:

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  20. dakShonoJanna Says:

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  21. Silapolxxzz Says:

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  22. Nadine Says:

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  23. Merchant Says:

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  24. Cheashwiviags Says:

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  25. rallerrecreda Says:



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