Article: “How To Make The Crabby Customer Into The Lifetime Satisfied Patron”


“Despite all of our best efforts, all restaurants face the occasional crabby customer. Regardless if the grouch is grouchy because of something we did (or didn’t do), the bottom line is that it’s our job to put them in a better mood. And most often, the whiner who can be won over will think your restaurant is a winner.

Practice responding to unhappy guests. Use real-life scenarios and role-play them with your staff. Start with the small and the mundane like “My food is cold.” That’s easy – you simply take the plate of food away and return hot food. Voila! You’re a superstar.

Move into the heavy stuff. Food is taking a long time or a table was forgotten. How do you make up for those things? Find out before you have to deal with it for real…”

source: “How To Make The Crabby Customer Into The Lifetime Satisfied Patron” by Susie Ross (The Restaurant Report)


3 Responses to “Article: “How To Make The Crabby Customer Into The Lifetime Satisfied Patron””

  1. brian longacre Says:

    Please mail me this article.

  2. Shell Smith Says:

    Great article – I think the key is to keep your customer – rather then spend all the money and effort getting a new one. I love the book that talks about this. Simply going back to the basics to keep your customers happy.

  3. Steph Says:

    What a great article! Good customer service results in the customer being saticfied which then could and in most cases does end up with a loyal customer. I love the interview with Rich Hanks which was all about customer service. It’s worth checking out!

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