WaiterBell Blog will be returning in April 2007

This WaiterBell blog will become active again in April 2007, and we will be folding TechWaiterBell and TeamWaiterBell into this blog.

We will relaunch marketing for our product.  Thank you for stopping by, we hope to have useful restaurant content for all visitors.

Head WaiterBell


4 Responses to “WaiterBell Blog will be returning in April 2007”

  1. Ken Burgin Says:

    Hey everyone – a new year and time to activate the blog again…


  2. kat hak sung Says:

    1. At flea market in Berryessa neighbor booth sells Shaklee pills and cleaning goops. I sell broken porcelain pieces at Berryessa flea market. The porcelain was broken after all the chases with goggle cops on highway 205. Nobody is buying broken porcelain even though it intercepts rays and keeps FBI from changing money in wallet from 10s to 1s. The good purpose of it is not known to all.

    3. The neighbor says to me that I should open a Chinese restaurant. I do this in 2003’s summer, and buy ovens and rent serving displays. I like to deep fry food, and I liked to sell deep fry food. I named the Chinese restaurant “The Krispy Kat” with my own name in the name. As soon as I leave thebusiness of flea market, the FBI follows and keeps my business low. Display place tooks back serving displays. I was sad and down then.

    2. The landlord forgot to evict me I was still there. Then old friend came to town named Meyoung Sar. We did work together on fishing trawlers in Indian Ocean when young.

    3. Sar wants me to not give up on restaurant anymore. He finds apartment building to be tored down for parking for truck parks. There are many good toilets in building. Sar does not want toilets wasted. We gain 15 toilet bowls, clean them with Lysol and use them to serve in buffet line. We then pay a lot of money for Ho-tie red fat man stattu and tape 2 dollars on his bellie. The dollars were not isotopic for bad luck. Restaurant gets new name too. On Friday we open THE HAPPY BOWL with large buffet served in white clean toilet bowls. We painted big smiling stool on sign up on ladder. We think customers will love us because porcelain protects food and protect persons too. Happy clean and safe we had pride.

    4. Consumers in our business place where rare and few. There were many invisible policemen. Remember invisible police never eat on the job. If you open a restaurant and see invisible police standing on the tables remember they will never bring profits. There were a few visible police man always disguised as civilian. We had problem with John Ashcroft of FBI himself coming in to keep an eye on us. Sometimes he was in disguise of very thin black woman age

    22. Sometimes he was in disguise of black women who was age 22 but also thin. Oned day John Ashcroft came into store disguised as middle aged Polish man. I was unhappy that day and I punched him in the jaw and kicked him out. After that, FBI keep customers from coming.

    6. We needed more businesses. Sar was a cook on fishing trawler, and knew beer too. Everyone liked his beer. Sar asked if I had liquor license. I told him yes I was over 21 and in California you are licensed for liquor if you are aged so. I was legal. We decided to sell liquor. We made also another change and removed the pu pu bowl from the row of toilets. No customer ever dished from it.

    7. The restaurant got its third name of 2003. We change HAPPY BOWL sign so it says of the beer take out of the beer in case boxs. GET A CASE OF SARS AT THE HAPPY BOWL. Sar gives his named to the beer after his own name, on the beer boxs and bottles.

    8. FBI total control of neighborhood at this time became, even more. They must if threatened anyone who came near because we got no customers. We got one customer who looked in window and saw as mistake that it was public bathroom with lots of bowls. We caught him after he used one bowl for one bathroom purpose but not as another bathroom purpose which was worse by a lot. He was not customer really. Strange for me, such a big scare didn’t drove sleepy away EM waves. Invisible police sometimes dance on my car hood as I drive. I see less of them when I drive with
    both eyes closed.

    When I sleep I see more. But I only see invisible police sometimes but only when red lights on goggle-rims tell me where they stand. This time he spoke in English. I could feel he was in terror. I see the cops from SF, even the cops I do not see. They harass me for what I know to be true.

    9. Fall came in the months after summer. The landlord came up with us and evicted. I had to to back to Berryessa flea market, with new broken porcelain from bowls and boxs. I tried and sold old porcelain pieces on ebAy but sold them at a lost. But not all. I take 6 toilets to home to protect walls, and candles. The plaster is damaged by police looks from goggles. I also seek to way to make hat out of one toilet and stop voices. When I wear toilet seat around neck it does not protect as much. Sometimes it hurts too. Sometimes they do not let me in stores or on the busses to ride when I wear it.

    11. Nobody can start business and work it unless friendly with Republicans. A good idea will die with FBI. The sad thing is the politicians, manipulated by inside group, dare not say anything against it. I dare not compare it to movie with Eddie Murphie unless maybe you have seen Men in Black with him in it, but the guns are never silver. There are guns, but never silver.

  3. Masoud Says:

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