Article: “Survey of Top On-Premise Wines Released” (Aug.2006)

“The Restaurant Wine newsletter, published by wine consultant Ronn Wiegand MS, has released its annual ranking of the 100 best-selling wine brands in restaurants as well as the 60 most frequently ordered wines. Beringer Vineyards of Foster’s Wine Estates tops the list of brands, followed by Franzia, part of The Wine Group portfolio. Rounding out the top five are: Kendall-Jackson; Yellow Tail, from W.J. Deutsch & Sons; and Inglenook, part of Constellation Brands’ Centerra Wine Company portfolio. The Restaurant Wine survey covers the entire spectrum of U.S. restaurants, from casual dining chains to fine dining restaurants.

The report found that case sales in the on-premise segment grew 6 percent, or 4 million cases, to reach 64 million cases sold. The value of on-premise wine sales now exceeds $12 million. In terms of the overall market, on-premise sales account for 22 percent by case volume and nearly 50 percent of dollar value…”

source: “Survey of Top On-Premise Wines Released” by Mary-Colleen Tinney (, Aug.8,2006)

related link: “Restaurant Wine Newsletter” by Ronn Wiegand


Article: “Customer demand means beverage options overflow” (Aug.2006)


“Walk into any of the area’s Potbelly Sandwich Works and, next to the counter, there’s a large, refrigerated cooler full of soda, tea and water.

Unlike many chains, most Potbelly outlets don’t offer fountain drinks. The decision to offer bottles and cans is part of the chain’s quirkiness.

But it turns out that an increasing number of restaurants, even those that rely largely on fountain drinks, are increasing the variety of offerings by adding beverages in bottles and cans…”

source: “Customer demand means beverage options overflow” by Barnet D. Wold (The Columbus Dispatch, Aug.1,2006)

Article: “Pop the Cork on Wine Training” (Jun.2006)


"As a restaurant operator, if you asked your servers to explain the differences between Syrah and Petite Syrah, would they be able to tell you? It has always been a continuous struggle for most restaurant operators to keep everybody on their service staff capable of recommending, describing, selling, and serving everything on the wine list that management used many hours and resources to create.

…As mentioned, most restaurant operators face a challenge when it comes to implementing an effective wine training program in order to get their servers educated and their wine sales on the rise. There are several reasons this can be difficult for an operator (corporate and independent alike)…" 

source: "Pop the Cork on Wine Training" by Jorge Castillo (Hospitality Net, Jun.9,2006) 

Article: “Liquid assets: 15 ways to boost beverage sales” (Apr.2006)

"Meanwhile, sitting alone, unattended, tucked into the corner in tiny type on the last page of the menu, sits the redheaded stepchild of top-line sales: the beverage selection. Overlooked more often than an O'Doul's in Ted Kennedy's fridge, the beverage menu is sadly underpromoted and overlooked by most operators.

Sure they'll occasionally spotlight the alcohol or wine menu, but it's time to wake up and smell the soda, too. The gross profit margins on beverages are astronomical compared with food, yet, strangely, most beverage incidence–the ratio of beverages sold to food sold–is less than 10 percent. Opportunity knocks, so here are a few ideas to help start managing your beverage sales like the profit center they are.
source: "Liquid assets: 15 ways to boost beverage sales" by Jim Sullivan (Apr.3,2006)

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