Article: “Defining fast casual” (Jul.2006)


“What is fast casual?

As editor of Fast Casual magazine and this Web site, I am frequently asked this question. Sometimes I have to correct people who claim their restaurant is fast casual when it’s really a QSR or casual-dining restaurant. I can’t blame them for miss-categorizing their outfits; fast casual is a hybrid and, well, it’s the hip thing to be called.

With that said, it’s important we are very selective in who we call fast casual…”

source: “Defining fast casual” by Fred Minnick (Fast Casual, Jul.13,2006)

About the publisher:

“Founded in 1997, the foodservice media division of NetWorld Alliance is the leading vertical restaurant publisher in the restaurant industry. Together with Fast Casual magazine,, and, we continue to provide the industry with thought-provoking news and updates on the latest trends.”

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Web Site: Pizza Marketing Quarterly (


“PMQ.Com – The Pizza Industry’s # 1 Website

With an average of 2500 visitors per day and growing, has blossomed into the pizza industry’s favorite industry internet connection. Those just entering our industry and looking for new suppliers first learn about the pizza business through

Every issue of PMQ, dating back to 1997, is here for our visitors to peruse at their leisure. is a veritable treasure trove of pizza industry has 24-hour breaking pizza news, experts to address questions, recipes to try and many more valuable resources for today’s competitive pizza operator.”

source: PMQ 2006 Media Kit
link: Pizza Marketing Quarterly (

Although Pizza Marketing Quarterly ( focuses on, well, pizza, it is an incredible resource for all restaurants. The site is filled with free articles, resources, and advice. It is a site that is using the internet and power of the community to help all restaurant owners improve their operations and share knowledge.

Article: “Jump Start Your On-line Marketing With An E-mail Newsletter”


“Quite frankly, I believe the restaurant industry is “missing the boat” right now by not taking advantage of this inexpensive, yet powerful marketing tool. There are only a handful of quality hospitality resources delivered via e-mail. This fact may be unfortunate for consumers, but it presents an excellent opportunity for the restaurant owner to grab mindshare by implementing an e-mail newsletter program in their marketplace.

One restaurant doing just that is Corner Galley located in Massapequa, NY. In addition to having a presence on the Web, Corner Galley publishes an e-mail newsletter entitled “The Daily Ship’s Log…”

source: “Jump Start Your On-line Marketing With An E-mail Newsletter” by Jaime Oikle (Restaurant Report)

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Article: “What Your Customers Want” (July 2005)

"…RESTAURANT HOSPITALITY recently commissioned consumer research to provide original and actionable information about consumer usage and ordering habits that you can take to the bank.

The research captured consumer frequency of eating at full-service restaurants on weekdays and weekends; how often they eat at your restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner; the types of restaurants they've eaten at in the past six months and what makes them want to return to a restaurant.

…We, the editors of RESTAURANT HOSPITALITY, hope that this consumer research will give you a better insight into dealing with customers. We're convinced that it will confirm information that you may have already believed in your mind, while also revealing areas of opportunity that you may not have known existed. Use this information wisely and watch your business grow."

source: "What Your Customers Want" (Restaurant Hospitality, July 2005)

Note: Restaurant Hospitality offers a free magazine subscription and newsletter.

Free: Restaurant, Hospitality, and Foodservice Magazines

There are many trade magazines that offer free subscriptions to industry professionals. Here are the ones we have found so far:

Restaurant Hospitality
Restaurant and Institutions
Foodservice Equipment & Supplies (FE&S)
Chain Leader
Food Management
Nightclub & Bar
Hospitality Upgrade

Hospitality Technology's
collection of free "Food and Beverage" magazine subscriptions

Also, here is National Restaurant Association's directory of magazines. It is probable that you can get a discount or free subscription if you contact their subscription department. Most trade magazines make money off targeted advertising, not reader subscription fees, so they want the most qualified subscription base.'s Directory of Restaurant, Foodservice and Hospitality Industry Publications

Update (06/09/06): Benjamin Christie was kind enough to mention this post on his site ( and also list "Australian culinary magazines which are available to the restaurant and culinary trade".

Article: “The Ten Minute Manager’s Guide to…Al Fresco Dining”


"Al fresco dining can add 120 covers per day for Andy D’Amico, chef-owner of New York City’s Nice Matin. Its 56-seat patio operates from May to October. Never mind the urban vista or aroma of bus fumes. “People will wait for outside tables,’’ he says.

To take advantage of the opportunity, manage outdoor dining like a special event, advises Gary Arabia, chef-owner of Los Angeles’ Global Cuisine. “It’s all logistics, planning and execution.’’

source: "The Ten Minute Manager's Guide to…Al Fresco Dining" by Margaret Sheridan (Restaurants & Institutions, May 15, 2005)

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