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Article: “The race to MySpace” (Apr.2006)

"She's able to keep in close contact with loyal customers, who instantly spread the word to their friends. When the co-owner of the Dallas specialty shoe store, Passport Exhibit Gallery, wants to promote an event, she can immediately distribute information to hundreds of people.

"It's been a huge benefit," said Ms. Cardona, who co-owns the business with Brian Erickson. "Because we're a small business, we don't have a lot of money allocated for marketing."

As it has become one of the most popular Internet destinations for young people, MySpace has also attracted legions of small businesses – restaurants, bars, clothing stores, tattoo parlors – trying to reach an audience with tastes outside the mainstream. All of them use the site for free."

A MySpace user can stay in contact with friends by agreeing to receive bulletins from them. The user can also make "friends" with businesses that send out bulletins as well. When a bar has a Friday night party, for instance, it sends out an image of a promotional flier to all its friends, who can then spread it to their friends.

MySpace's no-frills, laissez-faire approach appears to have already produced a version of this local search idea, allowing users to find businesses they'll like through a Web version of word of mouth."

source: "The race to MySpace" by Crayton Harrison (Dallas Morning News, Apr.13,2006)

Restaurants are always looking for better ways to connect to customers, new and old. Myspace provides an easy way for customers to recommend you to their friends, as well as send you feedback. It is also a nice way to communicate and stay in touch with customers. As it states in the article:

Surprisingly, there are currently very few restaurants on Myspace, but one nice example is Mom's Soul Food in East Palo Alto, Ca (click here). You can see how restaurants develop a stronger connection to their community, friends, and customers. Myspace is currently a free service.

WaiterBell is now on MySpace (click here). The purpose of the WaiterBell MySpace page is to connect with the general public to create product awareness, accept product comments, and restaurant recommendations.