Article: “Survey of Top On-Premise Wines Released” (Aug.2006)

“The Restaurant Wine newsletter, published by wine consultant Ronn Wiegand MS, has released its annual ranking of the 100 best-selling wine brands in restaurants as well as the 60 most frequently ordered wines. Beringer Vineyards of Foster’s Wine Estates tops the list of brands, followed by Franzia, part of The Wine Group portfolio. Rounding out the top five are: Kendall-Jackson; Yellow Tail, from W.J. Deutsch & Sons; and Inglenook, part of Constellation Brands’ Centerra Wine Company portfolio. The Restaurant Wine survey covers the entire spectrum of U.S. restaurants, from casual dining chains to fine dining restaurants.

The report found that case sales in the on-premise segment grew 6 percent, or 4 million cases, to reach 64 million cases sold. The value of on-premise wine sales now exceeds $12 million. In terms of the overall market, on-premise sales account for 22 percent by case volume and nearly 50 percent of dollar value…”

source: “Survey of Top On-Premise Wines Released” by Mary-Colleen Tinney (, Aug.8,2006)

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Article: “10 Tactics for Driving F&B Sales”


“Delivering measurable increases in food and beverage revenues can be achieved with simple restaurant promotional techniques available to big budgets and shoestring marketers alike. There are thousands of possible tactics you can employ to drive revenues without any reliance on mass media advertising.

Here are 10 of the best restaurant promotion ideas to get your own creative marketing wheels turning:

Restaurant Promotions Tactic 1. Publicity stunts – Stunt is a word with negative connotations for restaurant owners, but I wanted to use a word that conjured up images that are different than traditional press relations efforts…”

source: “10 Tactics for Driving F&B Sales” (Quantified Marketing Group)

Quantified Marketing Group has an archive of restaurant marketing articles, here are some sample topics:

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link: Quantified Marketing Group’s Restaurant Marketing Articles

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Newsletter: Tech Trends from Nation’s Restaurant News


“Tech Trends – focuses on the fast-changing world of Foodservice Technology. The electronic newsletter features an online-only tech editorial and CIO profile, and is information-filled with updates, news, fascinating features, revenue-generating ideas and technology tips.”

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Blog Post: “The Art of the Email” (Jul.2006)


‘Recently I was in a seminar styled meeting and the topic was the art of the email. When I went in I thought I was aware of most of the email tricks. The guy who was leading the email discussion was a magician. He knew how to design an email so people respond.

He spoke of the psychology of the email and we discussed what gets people to respond. And, he had minimalized the science so non-tech people, like us, could get behind our key boards and accomplish something without the fear of failure staring us in the face. It’s a great, quick, easy, smple, rapid, yada, yada, yada, way to promote.

Here are a few tips:”

source: “The Art of the Email” by John Foley (The Restaurant Blog,Jul.19,2006)

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Newsletter: “MarketBrief” from AMEX/Technomic, Inc.


“For full-service restaurants, an increased focus on strategies that drive check averages, such as promoting sides, appetizers, desserts and adult beverages can help to drive not just revenue growth, but also profitability, as many of these items have higher average margins than do the main entrées. Align the incentives of servers and line managers with selling activities that will drive profits.

For those not in the Top 100, unit growth remains important to drive to a position of better economies of scale. In addition, look hard at opportunities to improve processes in the back of the house. While smaller chains do not have the buying power of large chains simply due to size, they do have the opportunity to hold a tighter rein on operations due to size. For many chains, there is significant opportunity to take cost and inefficiency out in this area, which can be a major profit-driver…”

source: “Public Company Reports” by Technomic (MarketBrief, July 2006)

“MarketBrief provides chain restaurant operators with research-based analysis of key industry developments. Access to past issues is offered free of charge by logging into this section of our site.

MarketBrief is produced by Technomic, Inc., the leading provider of consulting and consumer research to the restaurant industry.”

link: Amex MarketBrief Newsletter

Web Site: Pizza Marketing Quarterly (


“PMQ.Com – The Pizza Industry’s # 1 Website

With an average of 2500 visitors per day and growing, has blossomed into the pizza industry’s favorite industry internet connection. Those just entering our industry and looking for new suppliers first learn about the pizza business through

Every issue of PMQ, dating back to 1997, is here for our visitors to peruse at their leisure. is a veritable treasure trove of pizza industry has 24-hour breaking pizza news, experts to address questions, recipes to try and many more valuable resources for today’s competitive pizza operator.”

source: PMQ 2006 Media Kit
link: Pizza Marketing Quarterly (

Although Pizza Marketing Quarterly ( focuses on, well, pizza, it is an incredible resource for all restaurants. The site is filled with free articles, resources, and advice. It is a site that is using the internet and power of the community to help all restaurant owners improve their operations and share knowledge.

Article: “Jump Start Your On-line Marketing With An E-mail Newsletter”


“Quite frankly, I believe the restaurant industry is “missing the boat” right now by not taking advantage of this inexpensive, yet powerful marketing tool. There are only a handful of quality hospitality resources delivered via e-mail. This fact may be unfortunate for consumers, but it presents an excellent opportunity for the restaurant owner to grab mindshare by implementing an e-mail newsletter program in their marketplace.

One restaurant doing just that is Corner Galley located in Massapequa, NY. In addition to having a presence on the Web, Corner Galley publishes an e-mail newsletter entitled “The Daily Ship’s Log…”

source: “Jump Start Your On-line Marketing With An E-mail Newsletter” by Jaime Oikle (Restaurant Report)

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