Article: “Purse snatchings hit cafes” (Aug.2006)


“…Workers at some outdoor cafes say they recently have had some suspicious customers, such as people who ask to be seated and then disappear moments later. Not long after, a customer will complain of a missing purse.

Meanwhile, alarmed customers have been finding creative ways to tether their bags to their bodies, wrapping straps from the bag around their legs, a chair, or underneath a high heel. Some restaurants have been supplying hooks under the table for bags to be hung.

“…Some of the restaurants on Newbury and Boylston, they are seemingly friendly and feel like the suburbs; people forget this is a city,” she said. “Sadly, the very people you wish would have a good experience in Boston are the ones losing their purses and wallets.”

source: “Purse snatchings hit cafes” by Matt Viser (Boston Globe, Aug.15,2006)




excerpt: serves up “solo dining savvy” for you — whether you despise or delight in a solitary meal in a restaurant or at home; whether you’re fond of fast food or fine dining (or something in between!) AND whether you’re married or divorced, single or solo, bachelor or bachelorette, widow or widower; business/pleasure traveler or stay-at-home-lover.

…The web site is chockfull of strategies and tips on how to increase your comfort and options as a solo/single diner, plus need-to-know information for anyone considering solo/single travel.

You’ll get the scoop on notable solo-friendly restaurants across the United States and beyond. And while discovering what’s out there, you’ll learn what to look for and, “just as important,” what solo dining amenities to suggest to your favorite restaurants…”


Press Release: “ Now Open for Restaurant Reservations, Connects Diners to Thousands of Eateries Nationwide” (Jul.2006)


“Time-strapped diners craving their next meal can now visit to arrange, confirm or reschedule reservations within seconds at nearly 6,000 independent restaurants across the country.

The no-cost, concierge service positions as a leading online dining reservations source, and signals the company’s arrival as a total online dining solutions provider, already offering expense-saving dining certificates.

…Diners make reservations requests by visiting to find a restaurant and to indicate a preferred dining date and time. Visitors choose a restaurant from the listings and click on the reservations icon next to the entry. Diners enter their name, phone number and email address, as well as reservation date, time and party size.”

source: “ Now Open for Restaurant Reservations, Connects Diners to Thousands of Eateries Nationwide” (, Jul.19,2006)


Article: “Bed spread: dining upon a mattress” (Jun.2006)


“Sanae Ehrlich was more than happy to let the waiter crawl into her bed. After all, the guy she already had in her bed was just a friend. Of course, this wasn’t the lifestyle that she envisioned growing up in Scarsdale. But she’s a New Yorker now, and she was just doing what New Yorkers are doing

Eating dinner on the roof of a warehouse, on top of a Tempur-Pedic mattress.

…The restaurant, not surprisingly, is called BED NY, and it occupies two floors of a warehouse in Chelsea. There are places with similar concepts, but BED opened first (in Miami) — and BED tucks you in on the roof, adding new meaning to “soft summer nights.”

source: “Bed spread: dining upon a mattress” by Mitch Broder (Journal News, Jun.14,2006)

link: Bed Restaurants

Article: “Diners delight in counter culture” (Jul.2006)


“Who pays big bucks to eat lunch on a swivel stool, knee to knee with a fellow diner?

In the Bay Area, lots of people. But we’re not talking Woolworth’s patty melts and milkshakes. We’re talking foie gras and duck bouillon, Moroccan spiced squab with chermoula orange cumin carrots, Meyer lemon creme brulee cheesecake and Pixie mandarin nectar.

Eating at restaurant kitchen counters has been a long-standing tradition here, even at gourmet places with expensive menus. But the idea is catching on…”

source: “Diners delight in counter culture” by Stacy Finz (San Francisco Chronicle, Jul.5,2006)

Article: “The bad aftertaste of dining out” (Jun.2006)


“Calls continue to come in re garding customer concerns and complaints over common dining challenges. Challenge is polite lan guage for a whole parcel of often appal ling and outra geous situa tions.

Because there’s usually some measure of “he said, she said,” some of these calls and e-mails are edited. The concerns still stand – and so, I hope, do my observations.

Loud, noisy restaurants

Why do restaurant owners equate dining, both fine and moderate, with frenzied? We frequently feel as though we are sitting inside a steel drum that is being played on our heads…”

source: “The bad aftertaste of dining out” by Joe Crea (The Plain Dealer, Jun.28,2006)

Blog: “Inside the House: Do You OpenTable?” (Jun.2006)


"So, it's no surprise that when it comes to making reservations, you double-click instead of dial. OpenTable, anyone?

The subscription-based OpenTable online system connects diners to restaurants that opt to become available for online bookings…

OpenTable works best if your reservation is a routine booking. But for anything remotely special, complicated or in need of human intelligence or special accommodation, your best bet is still to call and talk to an actual, live, breathing person. And as a hostess, I'll tell you why…"

source: "Inside the House: Do You OpenTable?" by Nadya S. Nikiforova (DCist, Jun.7,2006)

Inside the House is a DCist feature offering an insider's view of fine dining issues by the hostess at a D.C. restaurant.