Software: “The Waitress” (2004)


"Welcome to your new job. You are a waitress and your job is to serve clients. Do it in 3 steps: 1. Take the order 2. Bring the order 3. Clean the table…"

link: "The Waitress" created by D-Mah

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Free Software: Restaurant Savant

"Restaurant Savant (RS) is specifically designed to hold restaurant reviews. It’s very powerful (it can hold 64 trillion reviews!) yet it's simple to use. Here's how it works; you gather reviews (from sites such as, TV, Radio, Newspaper etc.) and drag and drop them into RS.

When you want to go out to eat, have RS list all restaurants for the area/neighborhood you'll be visiting. If you want to keep your restaurant list in the car, you can print your reviews several different ways. Many printing formats are setup to fit a three-ring binder.

If you want to meet a friend for lunch, just click one button, and RS will gather all the info you've entered about the Restaurant (including the driving directions) and email it to your friend. Use Restaurant Savant to plan your trip. This is a great way to organize all the restaurants you've heard about and want to visit on your trip. Now you can print a book or even store them on your iPod"

link: Restaurant Savant created by Digital Fried Chicken

There are many restaurants that we hear about, but may forget when it comes time to make a choice. This free program provides an organized way to record those restaurants, as well as restaurants that you have already visited. Carrying your own personal Zagat's guide in print or on your IPod can help answer that age-old question: "Where do you want to eat?"