TechWaiterBell News: Expanding Focus to Restaurant Technologies


We will be expanding the focus of this blog to not only include how internet tools can benefit restaurants, but also include the latest restaurant technology news. The reason for this change is that we come across a lot of news about restaurant technologies that can be organized for the benefit of restaurant owners.

As always, please feel free to send us feedback.


Introducing: Tech WaiterBell Blog

Restaurants are busy. The Internet is busy. How do two busy entities get a chance to spend some quality time? Introducing the Tech WaiterBell blog.

The Tech WaiterBell blog will sort through the internet's latest from the restaurant perspective, and post free tools, information, and services that can benefit restaurant owners and workers.

The first few posts on this blog will be content taken from the WaiterBell blog and TeamWaiterBell blog, and then begin to have it's own daily fresh content.