Blog Post: “How to Become a Regular” (Jul.2006)


“Being a regular earns you a lot of benefits for only a few conscious behaviors, mostly just good manners. Visit frequently, follow these tips, and within a short amount of time, you’re in.

Wikipedia describes a regular as…

A person who appears often at a certain location and may know others who are also there often, whether out of want or occupation. For example, a regular can be one who goes to a certain coffee shop everyday, so often that the employees know him or her…”

source: “How to Become a Regular” by Greg Cerveny (urban monarch, Jul.31,2006)


Web Site: Foodie Headquarters


“Like Food? Like Wine? Like People who like Food & Wine? Then you’ve come to the right place. With hundreds of user supported recipes, wine reviews, and events, our site’s chock full of information all Foodies love to have at their fingertips.”


You can find local wine tastings, dinner events, and cooking classes.

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Resource: Customers list their restaurant pet peeves and annoyances

Article: “Service Timetable – A practical guide to efficient service”


“Restaurants are no longer patronized by individuals who are in need of nourishment alone. People dine out for a variety of reasons and choose locations based on quality of food, atmosphere and service.

While most restaurateurs spend an extraordinary amount of time and money creating an interesting and comfortable setting for carefully prepared foods, very few spend the effort needed in training staff to perform their duties efficiently and effectively…”

source: “Service Timetable – A practical guide to efficient service” by Doug Fisher (

also available from “Restaurant Staff Service Tips” – a free 31 page reference guide for restaurant waitstaff that was sponsored by Visa.

More information resources for your waitstaff are available at the Tips WaiterBell blog, click here.

Web Site:


“Do you love to eat out? Are you looking for restaurants that offer a selection of healthier menu items? If so, then you’ve come to the right place, but a little too soon! Please enter your e-mail address below, and we’ll notify you when the website is accessible. You’ll find a wonderful selection of great-tasting, healthier menu items from restaurants nationwide, ranging from quick-serve to fine dining and representing dozens of types of cuisines.”


HealthyDiningFinder site is associated with the National Restaurant Association (Note: HealthyDiningFinder site is not affiliated with TeamWaiterBell or WaiterBell). For a demo of the site in action, click here.

Update (9/4/06):

Then you’re invited to preview this new website, which will officially launch in January 2007. Please visit often, as this website continues to grow with more restaurants – from quick-serve to fine dining – and other frequent updates.”


Web Site: The Restaurant Job Bank

“At least 51% of new hires in 2005 found their jobs online, according to a recent Booz Allen Hamilton study. The consulting company’s study also shows that 74% of employers say they plan to increase spending this year on online recruiting.”

The National Restaurant Association has aligned with Hcareers, North America’s dominant restaurant job board.

Search and apply online for open positions in the restaurant/foodservice industry. This Job Bank is 100% free for job seekers.”

Restaurant Job Bank

Post a Resume

Article: “Customer Profiling Makes Customers Happier” (2002)


“Humans are creatures of habit. In the restaurant business, being able to distinguish between the different types of people is the key to providing them with what they want. Standardized questions are similar to old pick-up lines in that they usually don’t work.

“We found in the course of running the restaurant that not every customer responds well to suggestive selling or unnecessary questions,” Simran says. “Some customers want to place their order, get their food and go and are irritated by chatty waitresses. Customer profiling techniques, which I learned two years ago at a seminar where Gregg Rapp was a guest speaker, allow us to determine who needs special attention and who doesn’t and that makes for happier customers.”

source: “Customer Profiling Makes Customers Happier” (Pizza Marketing Quaterly, Winter 2002)

WaiterBell Angle: Although Pizza Marketing Quarterly ( focuses on, well, pizza, it is an incredible resource for all restaurants. The site is filled with free articles, resources, and advice. It is a site that is using the internet and power of the community to help all restaurant owners improve their operations and share knowledge.