WaiterBell Blog will be returning in April 2007

This WaiterBell blog will become active again in April 2007, and we will be folding TechWaiterBell and TeamWaiterBell into this blog.

We will relaunch marketing for our product.  Thank you for stopping by, we hope to have useful restaurant content for all visitors.

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WaiterBell News: Stanley E. Roberts (CEO/Founder of We8there.com) contacts WaiterBell


“Waiterbell sounds like a good idea, if every restaurant added this service it could possibly make We8there.com obsolete. If every diner had a way of buzzing their server they could put an end to the negative restaurant experience. I can tell you this, there were times that I wish I could buzz my server, who after serving our meal became AWOL.”

source: Stanley E. Roberts, CEO/Founder of We8there.com

WaiterBell Angle: We sincerely appreciate Mr.Roberts for sending us his thoughts about WaiterBell. We8there.com is “the largest web-based open forum, restaurant, hotel, and bed and breakfast review site in the world”. Mr.Roberts also has his own blog on the site. Thanks again!

WaiterBell News: Interview with Tony Chenhansa (Manager, Bangkok Bay Thai Cuisine)


"Q. Does WaiterBell help improve operations?

Yes, the wait staff is more aware of the customer's needs and tends to make it a priority to ask the customer what he or she needs. They are usually happy with the extra special attention they receive."

link: Interview with Tony Chenhansa (Manager, Bangkok Bay Thai Cuisine)

We have posted an interview with Tony Chenhansa, Manager of Bangkok Bay Thai Cuisine, who has been using WaiterBell since August 2005. He talks about how WaiterBell is working in their restaurant and how it enhances restaurant customer service.

Resource: Tips WaiterBell Blog


"Introducing the Tips WaiterBell blog, a place where restaurant professionals can find tips and advice about their industry and their customers. If you read any of the other WaiterBell blogs, there may be repeat postings, however most of the time, each blog will stay focused on its objective.

If you find the information here useful, we hope that you will also share your ideas, thoughts, and advice."

link: Tips WaiterBell blog

We come across a lot of useful information that does not necessarily belong on the WaiterBell business blog or TechWaiterBell blog. While the restaurant industry is very competitive, that does not mean restaurant professionals are not willing to share information, tips, and advice. There is a wealth of information scattered all over the internet. Tips WaiterBell is a resource to help restaurant owners access this information.

Resource: Tech WaiterBell Blog


"The Tech WaiterBell blog will sort through the internet's latest from the restaurant perspective, and post free tools, information, and services that can benefit restaurant owners and workers."

link: Tech WaiterBell blog

We come across a lot of items that are not directly related to restaurant customer service and WaiterBell. We are happy to introduce the Tech WaiterBell blog where restaurant professionals can find and discuss web tools, software, and other online resources that can benefit their operations.

Note: Tech WaiterBell blog is focused on finding free or low cost ways for restaurants to use technology to benefit their operations. This blog is not meant to be a source for the latest, greatest (and often times most expensive) restaurant technology and services that hit the scene.

Media: Vaso Azzurro appears in The Wave Magazine

Congratulations to our client Vaso Azzurro for being featured in The Wave Magazine's Special Dining Issue.

"Rich in flavor and attentive service, Vaso Azzurro delivers Italian classics with an upscale and contemporary feel…"  

source: pg.108 (The Wave Magazine, Apr.19,2006)

In one of the photos on the page, a WaiterBell sits on the table unobtrusive, yet ever present.


Congratulations again to Vaso Azzurro Ristorante, we are honored to be working with them.

Media: WaiterBell mentioned in Yelp review

note: Yelp is a web site bringing word-of-mouth online. This is from their site: "You already know that asking friends is the best way to find restaurants, dentists, hairstylists, and anything local. Now, Yelp makes it fast and easy to make and receive real reviews from real people." 


"Thai food is hard to mess up but Bangkok Bay still reigns supreme on the Peninsula.  They have the right mix of ambience and food.  I like all of their curries and their lunch menu is a steal.  Also don't forget to order the dessert platter.  The mango with sweet coconut rice is so GANXSTA.  Tell them Bruno sent you.  PS they got the waiterbell thing, hotness."

link: Yelp – Bangkok Bay Thai Cuisine

WaiterBell Angle: Thanks to Bruno for the mention. We are proud to be working with Bangkok Bay Thai Cuisine to help empower diners and enhance customer service. We will soon be creating a "Team WaiterBell" for our supporters to help enhance restaurant customer service.